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Tips for Termite Control

Tips for Termite Control. ‘Termite Controller Gold Coast’ is here to professionally protect buildings, properties and homes from termites that can harm your health and home.

To minimize chemicals use and to keep a pest free environment, here are some simple tips can keep your home pest free. By getting rid of the attraction of food, water and shelter, pests can not live there.

  • Sweep up food crumbs and wipe up any drink spills using suds and water.
  • Keep your stored food products refrigerated and always in well sealed containers.
  • Always keep fruit and vegetables in refrigerator, especially when hot.
  • Empty indoor garbage daily and recycle drink cans. Always make sure a garbage bag is placed in the garbage bin.
  • Clean exterior and interior of kitchen ovens and range hoods to prevent grease buildup.
  • Be careful what is brought into home. Wooden fence materials and cardboard boxes can hide pests and termites.
  • Store goods in sealed plastic containers to prevent pests from entering.
  • Regularly vacuum your carpets, and lounge chairs. Washing curtains, bedding sheets each each week.
  • Fix any plumbing and roof leaks to prevent termite access.
  • Make sure your outside garbage and recycle bins have a well sealed lid.
  • Don’t leave any dog or animal food outside as it attracts insects.
  • Make sure your homes doors shut all the way.
  • Always seal cracks and crevices around down-pipes, doors, windows, bathroom vents and other kitchen openings.
  • Clean roof gutters and drains which when full attract termites.
  • Cut all tree branches away from house to prevent termite access.
  • Stack firewood at least 15 meters away from the buildings exterior.
  • Keep grass levels low to remove dead grass for termites to eat.
  • Use other materials like stone, pebbles and treated wood for mulch.
  • Change your outside light bulbs from to white to help reduce flying termite attraction.

Tips for Termite Control

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