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Termites in Queensland

Termites in Queensland. Termites can cause serious destruction to your house if they are seen to by a professional. ‘Contact Termite Controller Gold Coast’ if you notice termites have invaded your home, or if you have seen any signs of termite activity near the home..

Some helpful ways to keep nasty termites away from the property :

  • No garden beds, gardens, trees or wood chips against the buildings walls near & outside your home.
  • No timber stacked up flush or underneath the home small or big back yard.
  • No objects leaning up against the homes walls will touch the garden ground.
  • No grass lawn around the base of trees.
  • Wood chip piles must be stored up off the ground so you can see the termites.
  • Remove any old tree stumps from the back and front yard.
  • Any termite movement in the fence and trees near your home, remove the tree/fence.
  • With a brick home, make sure the gaps & any drain holes in-between the bricks and the concrete foundation slab are open to the outside air so as to not keep any moisture build up.
  • Fix your leaking hoses or taps.

You can check for termites yourself in your own house

Inside your house

  • You can tap your fingers on any timber area in your home skirting boards, internal doors, window frames and listen carefully for a dulling, hollowed out noise.
  • Carefully look for raised paint, and pushed out or bulging wood wall areas, especially the floor areas.

Outside your house

  • Check for small area mud hollowed out tunnels up near the walls and base, or dirt trails moving up the slab concrete foundation areas or brick house walls of your house.
  • The mud tracks are most likely to be found in the wet areas up against all the homes walls of buildings and storage areas underneath the home or building.

Subterranean Termites in Queensland

  • They live and breed under the ground and soil and need close contact with the soil and a good source of water moisture.
  • They can move above ground in covered mud huts and attack houses and trees.

Drywood Termites in Queensland

  • Usually do not need contact with the ground or soil moisture.
    & are able to infest a single piece of wooden timber.
  • Need the moisture to be in the wood timber.
  • Can infest a building through air extractors or the introduction of affected timber or wooden furniture.
  • The breeding colonies are quite small (hundreds) when compared to subterranean termites with thousands.

Termite Treatment Your Choice

  • There are a number of termite treatments available, each have different costs, and ongoing checking requirements.

Usually termite prevention systems can include:

  • Mono (one piece) concrete slab foundation
  • Installing a good slab as one area of the prevention system and use another approved methods to protect any infestations.

Chemical Treatments

  • Using approved treatments under the areas concrete slabs and around the exterior of the house on build completion.
  • Installing a 400mm wide concrete area protection termite strip to stop approaching termites.
  • a good reticulation system to add extra chemical each year.

Termite Resistant Timber Products

Treated wood timber
Naturally resistant wood timber

If you would like a termite inspection done on your house, contact Termite Control Gold Coast today.

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