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Termite Inspections Gold Coast


Termites come in different sizes, colours, and shapes.

If you suspect you have termites, it’s best not to treat them yourself. This approach will cost you more money. Termites are a smart insect and can be totally concealed in all types of materials.

If pests or termites appear, most peoples reaction is to turn to cheap pest sprays or harmful concentrated pest chemicals.  It is very important to note that for a long-term termite treatment plan, termites and pests should always be seen by a professional contractor. We treat the problem and eliminate any further the spread into the future.

Keep the outside areas of your home free of plants and stored items. If you have a basement, avoid storing your excess or unwanted wood and cardboard in this critical area. While storing lots of wooden goods will stop the ability to see any termite pest activity.

Termites will quickly spread through a property. They travel large distances to find wood to feed on and sleep in and within a short time will cause serious damage to timber frames, including compromising the main support beams of the building.

It can be very difficult to identify a termite infestation because they move below ground and gain access unseen, best to get a Termite Inspections Gold Coast.

Also many banks and insurance companies will not lend money to buy a property without a professional pest / termite inspection written report.

A termite inspection written report should list the property and what areas have been termite inspected. Our written termite inspection gold coast reports will clearly list any live termite activity, evidence of termites in the past and make a note any visual termite wood damage.

We inspect and go into every area of your house and property and we use the latest technology to detect termites and borers inside and outside.

We politely ask clients to move any furniture items away from the walls, and move any stored items off the floors before we arrive so that better more detailed inspection can be completed.

If you would like a quality Termite Inspection Gold Coast, please click here.

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