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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Question : Is a termite control safe for people and pets? (faq termite inspections).
Answer : Yes, we only use eco-friendly termite control products that are safe for people and pets. Our safe spray treatments and environmentally-friendly ethos is just one of the reasons why we are one of the best, termite control businesses.

Question : What is the cost of a termite control treatment?
Answer : Our termite prices are quoted based on the land and house size of your property and the type of pests, we tailor our termite treatment for each client. A thorough termite inspection, written report and warranty start from around $180.

Question : How long does the pest control warranty last?
Answer : We provide a 6 month warranty time for our general pest treatment service. We will issue you with a certificate for the job including a product number and the amount of the treatment products being used and where we purchased it from. The warranty also provides the date and time we completed the pest or termite treatment.

Question : How long does a standard pest treatment last for?
Answer : A standard pest control treatment usually lasts about 3 to 6 months but it depends on the type of treatment completed. Our professional approach finds a balance so that you only pay for the pest treatment you need. This treatment approach will ensure that you get a long lasting treatment at an affordable price.

Question : How can you prevent termites appearing?
Answer : Termites are fast and very destructive insects that can eat through most types of wood, creating very serious structural damage over time. The best methods for stopping or preventing termites include; termite barrier, baiting, and monitoring system.

Question : What happens with any termite damage?
Answer : Many insurance companies do not cover for termite damage, so it’s best to check your properties insurance policy, and if not, i might be best arrange termite insurance cover.

Question : Do you apply the treatment in the wet or rain?
Answer : We wait until the weather is fine for any treatments. When the treatment is applied on a dry surface and then dries, it is successful.

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