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Termite Treatment Gold Coast

A professional ‘Termite Treatment Gold Coast’ can involve :

Termite Baiting / Bait Box Station

The installation termite bait stations is one the best methods for either termite prevention or termite control. The termites are attracted to the termite bait station placed in the ground and then they will take the toxic bait back to their nest where the whole colony is eliminated.

Installing termite bait stations are good for destroying termite colonies, and will stop termites from breeding in your home. To make ensure that a termite baiting station is effective, it needs to be carried out by professionals who will install it the correct way. Termite bait stations are one of the best ways to stop and protect your property from termite infestations.

A baiting box station helps to eliminate the termites and allows the termites to feed on the bait over a few months.

We will install termite bait stations around the full perimeter of your property.

This method is a great way of dealing with the termites as you do not need to find the termite colony or nest, the termites take the bait growth regulator back to the nest.

Chemical Treatments & Barriers

One of the best ways of stopping termites is to insert a liquid toxic chemical treatment directly into their nest.

Also a barrier around the perimeter of your property with a soil treatment barrier will kill any approaching termites.

This method of elimination offers a long term solution, and it is effective at termite prevention, it protects the home for a few years.

A termite soil treatment is one of the best ways to treat any termite infestation, it acts as a barrier, also a small trench is dug around the properties foundation and a termite barrier is inserted, the soil is also treated with chemicals to help prevent any future termite approaches to your home.

The correct method of termite treatment required for your property depends on many factors such as your location, type of infestation, your budget, and a few other factors. It’s best get in touch with us and we will come and inspect your property and then we will brief you on the options available for the termite elimination.

There are a number of ways for treating wood for termites; surface chemical sprays, injected sprays, powder and foams are used for when a home is already built.

‘Termite Treatment Gold Coast’ will treat the surrounding soil to act as a barrier against further termites in, near or approaching your home. Our termite expert staff will dig a trench around the concrete foundation of your home, then we will treat the soil with a specialised termiticide, and then refill the dug trench. This type of termite treatment is critical to prevent termites from working their way inside your home.

If you would like to talk about the best options for a termite treatment gold coast please click here.

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