How to Prevent Termites on the Gold Coast

Make Your Home Less Attractive to Termites

How to Prevent Termites on the Gold Coast. During construction, use a concrete foundation and leave a ventilation space between the soil and wood. Cover any exposed wooden surfaces with a sealant or termite metal barrier.

  • After building construction, keep the soil around the foundation dry with proper grading and water drainage (as well as gutters and down pipes).
  • Reduce building openings that offer termites access to the house substructure – covering over cracks in the house cement foundations as well as around where plumbing passes through the wall with cement, grout.
  • Fix any water leaks fast.
  • Keep air vents free from blockage, including water plants.
  • Make sure that trees and shrubs are not planted too close to the foundation structure and do not allow them to grow against any external exposed wooden surfaces.
  • No pile or storage firewood or wooden debris next to the house.
  • Inspect often to help ensure that termite colonies do not grow.

Some Termite Risk Factors

  • Not enough subfloor clearances and slab-on-ground.
  • Not enough site drainage, and leaking water services.
  • Presence of subfloor attractants (tree roots, buried timber, damp areas)
  • Cracks and fissures in the foundation slab

With any Termites, Prevention is the Key

  • Licensed professional pest controllers do regular termite inspections to find termites and termite home damage.
  • When installing new wooden fences, use termite-resistant / treated timber.
  • Lessen cracks in concrete slabs by heavy rolling the soil before laying the slab.
  • Fix leaking water pipes and poor ventilation in sub-floors, which create perfect breeding conditions for termites.
  • Always inspect second-hand timber and furniture before bringing it into your house.
  • Avoid placing gardens against walls.
  • Avoid stacking firewood against your house or garage.

The Damage Termites Can Cause

Termite damage is often extensive as these pests live inside wooden objects and eat tunnels weakening wooden structures from the inside. Termite infestations can be to just one area of the building or can be widespread.

How to Keep Your Home Safe

It’s best now the signs of termite infestations. Best to use timbers treated to Australian building standards when building or repairing homes. Don’t bring reclaimed wood, including artwork or wood from the beach into your home areas. Book regular property termite inspections to check for any termite activity damage signs.

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